Monaco office chair, vintage brown/black art leather

Benmore Studio

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The Monaco office chair features an iconic scoop seat silhouette with baseball stitching, and a black base with wheels. The upholstered seat has exceptional seating comfort and the chic, modern design makes this a popular choice for home offices. THE HYPE COLLECTION consists of chairs, bar stools, counter stools and office chairs.



  • Designer: DAN-FORM Denmark
  • Height (cm): 75-87
  • Width (cm): 61
  • Depth (cm): 59
  • Seating Height (cm): 43-55
  • Product Net Weight (kg): 8.9
  • Colour: Black
  • Material (Seat): Artificial Leather (PU)
  • Colour (Legs): Black
  • Material (Legs): Metal/Steel
  • Stackable: No
  • Fire Resistant: No

About the material

Artificial leather/PU (polyurethane) consists of thermoplastic polymer applied on a fabric. The front has been embossed to have the visual characteristics of leather and the surface feels like a waxed leather. The surface is susceptible to grease and fluids which can penetrate the surface and leave hard-to-remove stains.


 We recommend sealing the surface with a leather soap, for example from Guardian, before you start using the furniture. Carefully follow instructions and always test the sealing product in a non-visible spot first. For everyday care, wipe with a damp cloth without soap. Using detergents regularly could potentially ruin the surface. Use as little water on the cloth as possible. Do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals on the artificial leather. Do not spot clean but make sure to clean the entire surface without rubbing too hard on the artificial leather. We recommend applying leather soap 1-2 times a year to retain the qualities of the artificial leather. Place your furniture min. 30 cms from a heat source such as a radiator or a fireplace, to ensure the artificial leather does not dry out.


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