Wood Finishes And Aftercare

Wood Finishes & Aftercare

At Benmore Studio: We use two different types of protective coating on our furniture pieces. Which type of protection we use depends on your choice of timber/finish What both of these wood finishes has in common is that they have the following qualities: They are Eco friendly They are extremely durable and hard wearing with excellent resistance against scratching and scuffing. They are resistant to liquid spillages like wine, beer, cola and coffee does no crack, flake, peel or blister smooth and tactile child safe no wet look Excellent heat resistance


Maintain using a clean, lightly dampened cloth. Do not use copious amounts of either hot or cold water. ​Only use minimal amounts of household detergent to remove stubborn dirt or marks, as these may degrade or break down the finish ​If the surface becomes tired, worn or tarnished, sand along the grain with fine sandpaper 240/300 grit and apply by roller, a light coat of original finish which we can provide.